Just a sketch for today’s post. Snakes and other reptiles have always fascinated me. The great anaconda is an earthly wonder! I marvel at their size. The snake in Native American teachings represents transformation. In “shedding your skin” you can tie up loose ends and create room for new beginnings. If a snake slithers across your path, do not fear. New opportunities are near.

Do snakes give you the willies? Or do you find them fascinating? There are all kinds; from water snakes to tree snakes, poisonous to constrictors. Which ones do you enjoy or despise? Share a comment below!

Until next time,

“Why’d it have to be snakes?”

2 responses to “Transsssformation”

  1. Peaceful woman Avatar
    Peaceful woman

    I had no idea the anaconda was that enormous! Yuk! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get freaked over snakes. I once read an article that even saying the word “snake,” gives people the creeps. I wouldn’t hurt them, but I don’t like them. Peaceful Woman

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    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      I will admit, they do startle me at first when I stumble across them. I think it is because of the way they move. They are so smooth and fluent. They are like water, only with solid form. They move so quickly too! You didn’t even know they were there until they are already leaving! SSSSSSssssssneaky……..


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