Totem Animal: Hummingbird Moth

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately at various locations and it makes everytime an adventure! For example, last week I saw a strange creature flutterting about in the flowers. It moved like a hummingbird but it looked more like a bug; also it was much smaller than the hummingbirds I’m familiar with. It was too big to be a bee. After asking a friend, I HM photodiscovered it was a hummingbird moth! A what?! I’ve never heard of it before. It was exciting! I tried to gently catch it but it was too fast and I didn’t want to disturb it too much. I decided to try and get the best shot I could with my phone. It was so quick and only hovered for a second or two before fluttering off to the next flower. It was an amazing discovery so I decided to research them and do a sketch.

They flutter about from Alaska through the Northern Territories and also through most of the United States. (Edit: I’ve recently discovered they can also be found in England.) They enjoy sweet smelling and pale colored flowers especially honeysuckle, beebalm, phlox, and verbena. It drinks nectar through a proboscis (it’s long tongue). Because of it’s appearance and habits, it is often mistaken for a hummingbird.

I looked up the symbolism for a hummingbird moth but it was difficult to find. The moth symbolism in general was directed towards the nocturnal aspects of moths. Yet the hummingbird moth is diurnal, a day flyer! In that case, the moth totem would coincide with butterfly symbolism which represents transformation. Rapid changes in your life are about to happen to the point you will no longer be the same from when you started. Like the butterfly, it is best to accept it and have faith that life is leading you in the right direction. Worrying and fretting about it does not change the course of nature so it is best to allow nature to do it’s work. I also looked up the hummingbird totem which says to be flexible during rapid life changes. Stay positive and remember to enjoy the simple things. Open your heart up,  dream big, and make the most of your life!

HM Sketch

I guess I have some big changes coming my way! Well like I always say, go with the flow! I intend to do just that. I hope you enjoyed learning about the hummingbird moth. I was sure excited to!

What do you think about the hummingbird moth? Have you ever seen one before? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts! Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

“The significance of the moth is change. Caterpillar into chrysalis or pupa, from thence into beauty.”




24 thoughts on “Totem Animal: Hummingbird Moth

  1. Hello,
    This week I have had three of these beautiful hummingbird moths in my house in Spain. I had never seen or heard of them before. I always look to see the spiritual meanings when animals come into my life. I was delighted with your blog and excited to read the meaning of the hummingbird moth.
    Be flexible during the rapid changes. Stay positive, dream big. Open your heart and make the most of your life.
    This is what I needed to know and hear at this very moment in my life.
    Bless you and thank you

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    1. Hi Sheila! I’m so glad my blog could help! The hummingbird moth is a powerful totem. When change comes, it’s like a whirlwind. It never seems to settle but I assure you it will. When it does, you are left rejuvenated, confident and empowered! Thanks for sharing and take care!


  2. Thank you for writing this. I saw one a couple of days ago on the enchanting St Michaels Mount, Cornwall, England. It really made my trip even more magical. My son spotted it and neither if us had seen anything like it before! We spent a good 5 minutes in awe watching it flit from flower to flower. My photographs are terrible, (Just blurry blobs) but I managed to get a good little video. I always take messages from things that cross my path and was interested to know the symbolism of seeing this beautiful creature so I thank you for your research. A transformation and going with the flow of nature sounds brilliant to me.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing! They are very difficult to photograph! I eventually want to set up my own butterfly garden so I can have more chances of seeing them. Then I can try to get some nice pictures! A video is a good idea. They are so quick and busy. You could literally watch them for hours! I’m really glad you were able to see one! I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Take care!


  3. I saw one for the first time tonight! It is dark out, so I figured it was a hummingbird bird at night time? (Which is very odd to me!) I believe in totems and have been interested in looking up everything I come across. So I started typing humming bird into Google search, and “hummingbird MOTH” was suggested. And I found this blog. Thank you so much for posting this! My boyfriend and I are actually getting ready to buy a house, have aquired a dog who is in need of a good home, and are changing our careers. Lots of changes! And this totem just put all of that into perspective! Thank you so much 🙂 totems are real guys! I’m freaking out about all my new changes. And the moth just shows up? Something I have never ever ever seen before in my entire life! ….It is reassuring 🙂

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    1. That’s great!! I’m really happy for you guys and I wish the best of luck with all your new changes! It is truly amazing when things line up like that! That’s why I always keep an eye out for our animal friends. They have so much to teach us and will offer guidance whenever we need it. It is nice to know when we have chosen the right path. Thanks so much for sharing your story!!


  4. I had 7 hummingbird moths at my lavender bush last evening. Watched them for about 10 minutes and while watching them had a hummingbird come within a few inches of my face at eye level and just hovered there for a few seconds.

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    1. That is amazing!!!!! How lucky you are!!! I can’t imagine seeing so many at once! I also love how friendly hummingbirds can be, they are so sweet.


  5. England UK

    Hi thanks for your knowledge, on this beautiful creation. I live in the U.K. Middlesbrough and I was amazed to see this amazing unfamiliar creature. I called my friend to see it and were both totally mesmerised by it, collecting pollen, with its long black, straw type thing from the pink flowers on the front. My friend who going through a tough time at the minute, best described it like a hummingbird, so we googled hummingbird insect and found you. So thank you means a lot to us both. My friends dad (aged 70) said “in all the years I’ve been farming, I’ve never, seen nowt like it pet” . Seeing is believing 🙏Xx

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad I could help and I hope all works out for your friend. The hummingbird moths are truly fascinating creatures. I still have not seen another one since that day. It’s been over a year and I am outside in the flower beds nearly everyday! I suppose you only see them when you need too. Thanks again. Take care!


      1. Thank you meg, it’s truly inspired me. Seeing one of these in the U.K seems to be uncommon so it was a blessing to my friend and I, seeeing is believing. Take care xxxx

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  6. Hi Meg, I saw a hummingbird today for the first time, it was so beautiful and for ages just kept soaking up the nectar from the verbena plant. I came home and googled it’s spiritual meaning, thank you for the explanation! I have been feeling very restless and at a cross roads, so the your blog really helped me x x

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    1. That’s great to hear! I’m glad it helped! I haven’t seen a hummingbird this year yet but i did see a Great Blue Heron today. I guess I should do a post about those guys next. They represent self reflection. Thank you so much for your comment! I hope your enjoying your Spring so far! Take care!


  7. Hi Meg!
    First time my husband and I together saw this exquisite creature was yesterday, April 30, 2017. We were gardening and he saw it fly by me and thought it was a baby hummingbird. A few minutes later, the creature was back enjoying our flowers. We had a good ten minutes of wonder and awe! We have never seen anything like it and just decided to Google hummingbird moth and voila!
    I was surprised Ted Andrews doesn’t include it in any of his books, but lucky to find some blogs, such as yours, that talk about the symbolism.

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    1. That is so awesome! Have have not seen another one since that day but the season has just started so we will see by the end! It’s funny that you mention Ted Andrews! My mom and aunt love his books (as do I😊) and we reference him often. Thanks for sharing you story! It’s so exciting to discover a new creature. I hope any changes coming your way bring you happiness! ✌😊


  8. Years ago this moth visited my garden. Like you, I had never before saw a beautiful creature such as this. There are so many strange and beautiful moths. The few that I have seen have always left me in awe and wonder. Very cool you were able to catch a picture of it.

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    1. It would be cool to grow a butterfly/hummingbird garden and see what kind of pictures you could get with your new camera!


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