Where Dogs Play All Day!

20161023_113006Yesterday I took a couple more pieces to Muddy Paws Dog Care in Latham, NY. I now have five dog portraits displayed for sale there. It feels good to have my work out for the public to see when I’m not doing art shows. An artist’s work should not sit in the dark corner, collecting dust. It should be out for all to admire and connect to. It motivates me to keep creating. I enjoying sharing my talent with the world.

And what better place than where other animals lovers come and go everyday. Joe at Muddy Paws is a fellow dog lover that runs the dog care. He also has night training classes you can take with your pet during the week. I’m hoping I can get some exposure to other pet owners and get some commissions in for the holidays.


Speaking of the holidays, if your wondering what to get your loved ones, a portrait of there beloved Rover is sure to be a winner. Or if you are interested in one of the pieces displayed at Muddy Paws, feel free to contact me for details.


What breed is your canine friend? What is their name? Leave a comment or photo below! You can read about my pups in here. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

“Don’t ever change, for anybody.”


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