The fourth prompt for Inktober 2022 is “scallop”. This was probably the most difficult prompt I had to come up with a relatable horror movie. I tried to think of anything to tie a horror movie to this word but nothing was working. Did Hannibal Lecter ever eat a dish accompanied with scallops….no. How about the weird clam-shaped phone thing the girl had in It Follows?…nah, too far of a stretch. Okay, well, what about a scallop design? Were there any haunted house movies that had scalloped curtains?…wallpaper?…any kind of decor with a scalloped edge?…nada! Creepy mermaid movies that had scallops?….Nope!

I couldn’t think of anything! I did a some digging online and finally came up with a suitable idea. The Man Clam!!! Never heard of him? Me neither!

Apparently, there was a Canadian B movie made in the 1960’s called ManClam, The Shell from Hell. The movie was thought to be lost in a fire but a damaged reel was later discovered and the surviving footage was pieced together to create a 5 minute trailer you can watch on YouTube. I watched it and it looks like one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen in my life. Although, in those short 5 minutes it definitely made me laugh.

I don’t even know if this was even a real thing that had happened or if someone just made a fake trailer for a good laugh. It very well may have been the latter but either way I can associate it with a monster movie so I’m using it to fill in the gap for my “scallop” prompt. Phew! Check it off the list, that one was a pain!

Do you know anything about this alleged lost film? Watch the trailer and let me know if you think it was once real or a farce. Leave your comments below. Check back tomorrow for prompt #5, flame.

Thanks for stopping by! Shell ya later!

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